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PostSubject: Will_Wilson   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:20 pm

1997 - Vice City
I was 13 years old when Mr. Vercetti started the crimes in vice city. I remember walking outside my house as 4 cop cars were chasing a man on a bike. The man on the bike was firing back at them. A cop car had gotton on the right side of him. He pulled his gun up and fired at the cops in the car. Bullets sprayed through the window and through their heads, they flew to me impacting the side of the house just missing me. Luckily I ducked before a bullet impacted my skull. I watched as the cop car suddenly turned and crashed into a nearby building exploding. The next day on the news it was revealed that the man on the bike was the man named Tommy Vercetti. Frightened my parents told me to pack my bags.

2000 - Liberty City
I was 16 now and I was learning how to drive. I was also working at a local burger shot. Things were alot better from back in vice city. The crime rate was pretty low, but there still was crime. One day I went to get my driver's license. It was my time to be tested so I started going through the course, I Aced the test. I had finally got my driver's license, now I needed a car. I spent some time working at burger shot until one day a man named Carl Johnson came in and ordered some food. He asked me if I wanted to make a real lot of cash. I told him I needed cash, he told me to come with him. We left burger shot and got into his car. He drove me over to his house, and told me: "I have some stuff inside I have to get, I have some business to take care of today, if you come with me and help me, Ill give you a cut of my profits." I agreed and he went inside, a few minutes later he came out with 4 bags. He stuffed them in the trunk. He got in the car and we drove off. We arrived at firefly island and drove right next to the pier. He pulled out a 9mm handgun and handed it to me. Nervous and shaking I took it and cocked it. He pulled out an Uzi and we both got out of the car. 20 minutes later a car arrived 3 men came out. 2 of them with Kalashnikov's (Ak's) and one with a briefcase in his hand. He looked at CJ and asked: "You got the stuff?" CJ nodded and pulled out the bags from the trunk. I took a close look and noticed them to be cocaine. He put the bags on the ground. The man holding the briefcase opened it showing it full of cash. He said: "There it is. 1.4 Million." They traded, CJ took the briefcase and the two men holding Kalashnikov's holstered their weapons on their backs and picked up 2 bags each. The 3 men started walking back to the car. CJ turned his head to me, whispered kill them, and threw the briefcase in the car. He turned around holding the Uzi and fired off shots into the men. One went down. Panicing I pulled the trigger, the gun kicked back and I saw blood spray from another ones head. CJ put bullets into the last ones back and he dropped. He told me to jump in the car and to start it up. He jumped in the passanger side and told me to drive off. We stopped at his house. We both got out of the car. He opened up the briefcase and put half into a empty bag he had. He gave me the briefcase with half of the profits. He told me to keep the gun. I ended up walking home with the gun hidden. I walked inside the house and saw my mother on the floor laying with her stomach down. I turned her over and saw her dead, her shirt sprayed with blood and her pants missing. I walked upstairs and saw my dad against a wall. He was tied to it, blood covered the walls. He was shot to death. Scared I ran downstairs and ran back to CJ's and pounded on the door. He came to the door all happy until he saw me, covered in my parents blood. He stepped out and asked why I was covered in blood. I told him my parents were murdered. He told me we had to leave. The next day he got us plane tickets to Los Santos.

2000 - Los Santos
CJ and I took a taxi from the airport to grove street where we met up with his brother sweet. He told us we could stay there, if hed help the gang. We agreed. For the next 8 years I found myself working for the grove street. The only jobs I would do were to help with drug deals, and do work around the hood, such as cleaning guns.

2008 - Los Santos
I was 24 now and I had to leave the grove
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