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 ~ 'o' ~ My Life in a few workds by Luigi Rossi ~ 'o' ~

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PostSubject: ~ 'o' ~ My Life in a few workds by Luigi Rossi ~ 'o' ~   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:25 am

Part I: The Beginning

A long time has passed since the old Mob Bosses of Sicily made their mark on this world. Many Sicilian's held them of highest regard even above the government itself because of the stressful times of the thirties and fourties. No Godfather has ever been branded or accused of crimes because of the people's part in the protection of the Families. La Cosa Nostra they called it, Our Thing. They wanted it to be their's and only their's because they created for one purpose and that was to hold together and try to make it out alive and make a living their own way. Many Don's made their mark on the populace and since the fifties no other has ever been held to the respect of the old day's.

The family that Mr. Rossi was born into was one of poverty, nearly homeless and they could not even afford their own pair's of shoes so they had to share them. Luigi Rossi was not pleased with his life from an early age and turned to crime after his parents were shot because of his father's stupidity. He banded together with a group of kid's and they made their living by mugging, robbing, and dealing drugs to people. Soon after he had sold his first few rounds of drugs, Luigi decided it was time to leave and head to somewhere he could make his own impact on the society. He woke up one day and packed his things, grabbed all the cash he could and left Sicily for New York.

He arrived in New York in December, it was freezing and he had no coat or any usable clothing to protect himself. He would walk down the streets nearly naked as he tried to find shelter and hopefully a place to stay while he tried to find a way to set up his plans and put them into action. Even though he had a few thousand dollars in American tender from his several dealings, he did not have enough to find a suitable base of operations. He had to band together once again with a street gang to make money. At this time he was only seventeen and had to get some respect no matter where he was. After a period of three years he found that New York was too preoccupied with police business so he had to head off to somewhere more defenseless. Luigi yet again took a plane to somewhere he heard was very profitable, Los Santos.

Now twenty years old, he was yet again left for dead after he arrived in Los Santos, he took a cab which ended up dropping him in an alleyway in street gang territory. They mugged him and took all his money, nearly fifty thousand dollars in total. He decided to get revenge on those who stole his money and found a gun dealer who offered him a desert eagle to use against them, for they too had mugged the dealer but stole his stockpile of guns instead of money. Luigi went towards the gang's base of operations and busted down the door and began to shoot down the gang members inside, he was shot in the arm and in the leg after the raid and managed to just barely evade the cops after making off with his cash. After a few years of living on the streets he was offered a position as a hotel worker at The Outfit hotel by a man named Ken Devine. He gladly took the position and began working there.

Part II: Trouble on the Streets

Maybe it was because of his past or because he was known for being relentless in his deeds, but because of some miracle a new life was opened to the young Sicilian boy. It appears that the Hotel Staff was not just some regular bunch of guys trying to make a living, but a family of sorts, too much of one. Luigi noticed something was out of order here, he was getting higher than average wages then the other Guards he worked with. He began to question them, why was he earning so much? Each time they replied with a simple answer, they told him it was because he was doing a good job. He knew it wasn't because of that, the others were doing just as good as him but he couldn't let that get in the way, he was earning money like he wanted to but his old criminal ties were still a foot. He learned that some old friends of his were on their way to take care of business and upon hearing this he fled to a safe house were he armed up and prepared to settle it once and for all.

He could hear the loud knocking outside of the safe house as the men began to barge inside with the butts of their guns. Luigi loaded his MP5 and took place behind a bushy plant in the shade so that he could not be seen with his dark clothing. Once the men entered they found no one, but one man saw an ominous pair of floating white orbs in the corner and then a shot rang out and blood spurted from the man's head as he fell to the ground. After that first shot, a war raged for a few minutes with the hit squad of three men firing at every direction and pinning one shot into Luigi's stomach. As he spat out blood, Luigi began to shoot all his rounds off and shot one of the men, the hit squad lead, in the chest twice and once in the leg killing him without much struggle. He turned and rolled out from the bushy corner and opened fire on one of the men waiting behind a misshapen pillar. The man fell down with three shots into his back and one hitting his neck striking through his brain stem and jamming into his brain. The man fell down and provided cover as he fell from the 20 gauge shotgun being fired in multiple successions.

Luigi hid behind the pillar and waited for him to run out of ammo, but as he waited he noticed the pillar crumbling to pieces from the ferocious 20 gauge shotgun firing at him continuously. He didn't know what to do and thought he would die until he looked at the door and noticed that someone had come inside and fired two rounds. Another gang banger joined the fight but he didn't take a side, he killed the last man in the hit squad and began to fire at Luigi with his desert eagle. This man seemed familiar and he noticed that it was the man who mugged him that cold night long ago. Luigi grabbed his MP5 and checked for ammo, he had no more left and looked to the ground where he found the 20 gauge shotgun. He leaped for it and evaded two deadly bullets and grabbed the shotgun and let loose what was left of the ammo, five rounds pelted into the man's chest and obliterated him. Luigi breathed in deeply and began to gather what he could from their pockets, he ran outside and found a small bike which he stole and used to get back to the Hotel.

Upon arriving at the Hotel he noticed an odd line up of the staff and decided to join in on it with his blood stained coat and the spatter of red oozing blood over his face. The men looked at him oddly and one of the Managers approached him and smacked him across the face and laughed. He asked him why he was so late and Luigi responded with the usual answer he gave him, he got caught up with some traffic. They all laughed and one of them pulled him inside to speak to him privately. This man had a coat on and Luigi could see the silver deagle on his waistband, the man smiled and turned to him then asked if he would like to become a part of a large family that was running the Hotel, Luigi accepted out of pure instinct and was given a new weapon, a silver deagle. He was told to change out of his old clothing and get into this new business vest and he did as he was told, Luigi did not know that he had become a Picciotto of The Outfit Family.
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PostSubject: Re: ~ 'o' ~ My Life in a few workds by Luigi Rossi ~ 'o' ~   Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:35 am

Another long one, what is the meaning of Picciotto? Is it some Italian word?
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~ 'o' ~ My Life in a few workds by Luigi Rossi ~ 'o' ~
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