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 ~The Fraternity Of Angels~

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PostSubject: ~The Fraternity Of Angels~   Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:41 pm

The Fraternity Of Angels
We are a secret organization that has been around for over a thousand years eliminating the sins of the Earth and cleansing it with fate.
Only a few in the world are ever called an 'Angel' of the fraternity. I am 'Wolf', there is a rank structure however, very different from what you think you know. Our eyes tell us lies, our ears tell us the truth. So, therefore you will learn the ways of the world and fate.

Our Beliefs
We believe that the world is lead by fate. We all have a destiny set for us. In a secret code we are told whom to eliminate.

Quote :

Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:

We will determine if you are qualified. If you are not, you will be taken from the equation.
Sincerely, Wolf.

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~The Fraternity Of Angels~
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