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 La Cosa Nostra Application Out-line.

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PostSubject: La Cosa Nostra Application Out-line.   Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:43 pm

La Cosa Nostra

Money, Power, Repect.

The Mafia (also known as La Cosa Nostra) is a Sicilian criminal secret society which is believed to have first developed in the mid-19th century in the city of Sicily, in Italy. In North America, the Mafia often refers to Italian organized crime in general, rather than just traditional Sicilian organized crime. According to the Godfather, Damian Agostino "La Cosa Nostra is a kind of organized crime being active not only in several illegal fields, but also tending to exercise sovereignty functions normally belonging to public authorities over a specific territory...".

The Sicilian Cosa Nostra is a loose confederation of about one hundred Mafia groups, called or families or as we say, cosche, each of which claims sovereignty over a territory, usually a town or village or a neighborhood of a larger city. Many Civilians did not regard these men as criminals but as role models and protectors, given that the state appeared to offer no protection for the poor and weak. As late as the 1950s, the funeral epitaph of the legendary boss of the La Cosa Nostra in Vice City, Calogero Vizzini, stated that his "mafia" was not criminal, but stood for respect of the law, defense of all rights, greatness of character. "It was love." Here, "mafia" means something like pride, honour, or even social responsibility: an attitude, not an organization. Likewise, in 1925, the former Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando stated in the Italian senate that he was proud of being mafioso, because that word meant honourable, noble, generous.

According to some mafiosi, the real name of the Mafia is "Cosa Nostra" which means "Our thing". Many have claimed, as did the Mafia turncoat Tommaso Buscetta, that the word "Mafia" was a literary creation. Other Mafia defectors, such as Antonio Calderone and Salvatore Contorno, said the same thing. According to them, the real thing was "La Cosa Nostra". To men of honour belonging to the organization, there is no need to name it. Mafiosi introduce known members to other known members as belonging to "La Cosa Nostra".


Alright, so now you know a thing or two about the La Cosa Nosta. Now we ask that you please fill out this application:


What is your name?:

What is your age?:

What is your house number?:

What is your gender?:

What is your occupation?:

Do you own a house?:

Why would you like to join us?:

What do you think we do?:

Have you ever commited a First Degree Murder?:

**Once you have filled it out, contact a Godfather/Underboss In Game, and tell them politely to review your application. They will then make the decision if you are approved or not.**

Thank you for applying,
-Damian Agostino
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La Cosa Nostra Application Out-line.
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