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 Read Before Posting Here

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The Godfather
The Godfather

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting Here   Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:35 pm

BEFORE posting any Report Player thread, ask yourself these questions:

Has this person hacked?
Has this person disrupted a large scale role play, meaning disrupting the role play of NUMEROUS people?
Has this person maliciously (by this I mean knowingly and harmfully) violated a server rule?
In regards to OOC insults, has this person caused REAL mental harm to someone OOCly?
Have you been asked by an admin to post screen shots here?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, go ahead and post in this section.

If the answer is "NO", we encourage you not to post here. This section of the forums IS NOT the complaint department against other players. Instead, it is the section of the forums where you can bring to light players that are harming the community.

We ask and encourage you to try and work out problems prior to bringing them to the forums. Remember, there are also other remedies before posting on the forums for instance

Talk to their faction leader. No one wants to be kicked out of their faction. Faction leaders can impose stricter rules on their members and even demote them.
Talk to the player CALMLY and MATURELY. If the other play refuses to be calm or mature, ignore them and move about your business.
Role play out the situation and then drop it. Role play first - bitch never. Chances are the situation took 5-10 seconds to happen. You are going to spend 5-10 minutes writing up a report player thread. Is it really worth it?

These are just three alternative remedies to posting on this forum. Posting on this forum should be a last resort, not your first outlet.
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Read Before Posting Here
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