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 Los Aztecas Application Thread

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PostSubject: Los Aztecas Application Thread   Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:48 am

X3--Los Aztecas--X3

Any applicants that fail to read the whole of this first post thoroughly, and waste my time will have their application deleted without warning!


To become a member of Los Aztecas you are required to learn or know as much information as possible about the type of gang that we portray. Aztecas are heavily based on Sureno gangs from south L.A California, be sure to read through and watch every link that I provide thoroughly and consider all the info when writing your character's story, or you most likely will be ignored.


As our gang originates from the Mexican Mafia, your character MUST have ties with mexican gang life and highly reccomended that they are from or have family from Mexico. Exceptions may be made for some Latino characters with chicano and latino backgrounds etc etc but this rule is very strict. If you feel that you have no idea what I'm talking about then exit this thread now. I will only accept members who seem to play the Mexican gangster because thats what they enjoy RPing. I will not accept people who create Mexican gangster characters just to fit into the server, or players who create new Mexican character accounts simply to join a faction.

X3--OOC Rules--X3

1. You are not triple X, james bond or solid snake, you may be in a gang but when your by yourself unarmed and threatened by more than one person with a gun, you roleplay being scared and you co-operate, or you run like a bitch, dont start trying to play the single player action hero.

2. You must listen to the faction boss at all times, if I tell you not to shoot, or if i tell you not to start a fight, or not to buy a certain type of car then you pay attention and follow orders.

3. You should know them anyway to be playing on the server, but you have to know the server rules by heart and ALWAYS stick to them. Especially the revenge killing rule, if you get taken out by the enemy you DO NOT declare a gang war or go back after them as that bring us a bad name. Accept the fact you were beaten and have your character forget about it.

4. To make the "blood in blood out" code work, if you join our gang, and then decide you want to leave you MUST agree to roleplay a character kill scenario meaning your character dies if we catch him and you pay for a name change, or you create a new character and never use that account again. We want loyal members in character and out of character so you must be prepared to stick with the gang or lose your character.. if you get caught.

X3--IC Rules--X3

((Bad spelling is on purpose))((If you get given a note IC when joining that has the rules, these will be what I mean))

Los Aztecas Rules
every loco is 2 live, or die by these rules

1) giv ur life 2 el jefe, never kwestion hiz command and ALWAYS follow hiz order, da 1st priority in a shootout, iz 2 protect him

2) blood in blood out, once u r a member of da clicka, u swear ur loyalty & da only way 2 leave da gang iz thru death, los locos clicka hasta la muerte

3) never snitch, callin la policia iz extreme dishonor & any member of da clicka found 2 do will b punished

4) never make fatal decizions withowt el jefe prezent, e.g no gang truces, no declarin gang war, only el jefe can speak 4 the clicka

5) respect ur rank and know ur place, follow ordas of hi-er rankin memberz & never giv ordas 2 memberz hi-er den urself

6) never call a gang member with a street name by hiz real name, espeshaly el jefe

7) never let any1 in2 are hide out & gang hq or show dem were it iz

8 ) never go around da sity or 2 a meeting alone, alwayz hav at least 2 membaz with u 2 avoyd dum shit like kidnapingz

9) never giv out ANY info about da gang name or member names, & never carry i.d

10) if outnumbered, or surounded by policia do not shoot bak or ask 4 backup from other membaz & risk there lives, just get da f..k out of there or ask for a ride

11) do not go in2 a rival gangs turf, unless it iz a provoked attakk or re-taleayshun, with ordas given by a hi-er ranked loco den u

12) never disrespect ur bandana, never disrespect ur colors

13) never fite with ur own familia, inside problems will b fixed by la mente

X3--Application form--X3

To apply copy and paste the following and post it in this thread.

Los Aztecas Application Form


Previous character names and accounts:

Previous factions or civ gangs:



What level are you in game:

How often do you play in the server:

Which hours do you play (In server time):

Do you know how to install mods for san andreas, if so explain which tools you use:

Why do you want to be a part of Los Aztecas:

Do you swear to abide by our blood in blood out character kill policy, should you choose to leave the gang?:


Characters street name:

What neighbourhood is your character from? (make sure to remember back to the Surenos articles.. this is VITAL) :

Where was your character born?:

What living parents does your character have, and where were they born? (City and country):

Character story (Must be at least 2 paragraphs and show alot of gang knowledge and slang):
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PostSubject: Re: Los Aztecas Application Thread   Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:58 am

Do you actually have any members
EDIT: I checked, it said Ricardo. Don't think I seen him on forums before.
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Number of posts : 32
Age : 23
Location : Romania
Registration date : 2008-07-03

PostSubject: Re: Los Aztecas Application Thread   Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:07 pm

Vlatko wrote:
Do you actually have any members
EDIT: I checked, it said Ricardo. Don't think I seen him on forums before.
Yes,I do.
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PostSubject: Re: Los Aztecas Application Thread   

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Los Aztecas Application Thread
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